Product and Pricing

NEXT was made for Network Marketers who want to super-charge their business to the next level and get more leads.

NEXT is YOUR commercial that promotes YOUR business and opportunities to YOUR friends, family, or someone you just meet. The best time to sell somebody something is when they are ready to take action, and NEXT does that by connecting you directly with your hot lead via a mobile text message or phone call at the point of engagement.

You can text it to someone you just met, drop it into your social media feed, or advertise it yourself. But if you want to get the most out of NEXT, let our experts generate the leads for you so you can stay focused and grow YOUR business.

Leads are essential for any successful business, but particularly so in network marketing, in which MLMers need a steady flow of prospects to present their products or business opportunity to. Unfortunately, many in multi-level marketing (MLM) don't treat their business as a business. The truth is, a network marketing direct sales business is just like any other business, whether it's a blog, eBay, a franchise, or freelancing.

All businesses require marketing and lead generation in order to make sales. As a result, network marketers should use many of the same marketing strategies and funnel systems used by other businesses that need leads to make sales.

Starter Plan

$199 / Month

Business Builder

$399 / Month

Professional Plan

$599 / Month